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  • Handmade crochet vest
    Handmade crochet vest

    Beautifull handmade crochet west, made of 100% natural raw cotton with...




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Our Concept

Alpacka Concept is individual ownership dedicated to the manufacture, import, and commercialization of natural materials, organic, environmentally friendly and handmade products. Our warehouse is located in the beautiful city of Kristianstad, Skåne, Sweden.

Our goal is to offer products manufactured under conditions that benefit both the environment and our people. That's why much of the material we commercialize is ecologically certified by international organizations.

Our long-term goal is to expand our product catalog while keeping our philosophy and ethics to meet the demands of our customers. Our vision is to contribute to a greater extent to the development of small societies in South America and other parts of the world.

We believe that the best way to keep a balance in nature is to ensure that the manufacturing process meets international requirements that support the whole production chain, from the small cooperative in The Andes until the final consumer that these products have been manufactured under fair environmental conditions.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! and see this as an opportunity for you to contribute with a grain of sand to make of this planet a better place to live, not just for a few but for everybody!

Enjoy our products that are made with environmental awareness, sustainability, and love.

With infinity love,



E-Commerce Manager | Web Developer

Alpaca Concept is part of the company DITTOO, which deals with web development and e-commerce.