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    Handmade crochet vest

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Handling of Personal Data

About registration

By registering as a customer on our website, you agree that we store, process and use data retrieved from the registration form. Your information is used to fulfill our commitments to you, provide you with good service and for marketing purposes.

We NEVER leave the data to third parties.

Fabiola Lau de Karlsson is the juridic person responsible for the stored personal data.

You can change your details by signing in to the page and then going to my Account.

You have the right to request registered personal information and have the data changed or deleted.

About Personal Number

Personal identification number may only be processed if consent has been given for:

  • The purpose of the treatment,
  • The importance of a secure identification (especially if you have chosen to pay with invoice),
  • Any other important reason.

Storing your data

This site stores names, email addresses and other personal information. This is done to:

  • Handle orders.
  • If you signed up for any e-mail newsletter.
  • On different occasions when you provide personal information.
  • Among other things, when you: write comments.
  • In connection with the site of the log, ip addresses are also saved.

These logs are used for troubleshooting and for statistics purposes. This in order to improve the site's functionality.

Contact us if you have some question about how we handle your information.